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Bike the C-Bus 2012 or having fun in the neighborhoods in and around Columbus

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Don and I received an invitation to Bike the C-Bus a few months ago. We debated our acceptance as a) the ride is in Columbus so 2 hour drive each way, b)the rides early start of 8 am necessitated an even earlier start of 6ish am on our part, and oh yes c) we would need to close the shop that day as the staff would be out riding.

We registered, got ourselves off at at decent hour 6:15,made it to the ride start at the Lincoln Theatre and joined some other late starters on the ride. The ride length was about 26 miles and I felt it once I got home and unloaded the bikes but not while riding as the point of the ride is to stop periodically to check out businesses and neat architecture around Columbus. We saw some great houses-sorry no pictures of them but several of them reminded us of sections of Lakewood and Rocky River. One of the other points of interest was the Log Cabin Post Office. This is a restoration project and it is down to the bare logs,but it was at a turn at the 17 mile point and I confess to having lunch on my mind-so no picture of the Log Cabin Post Office.

We did take some pictures of some interesting bikes we saw on the ride and I also took a scenic view shot. Maybe next year there will be more photos.

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