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Adult Bikes: Comfort, Hybrid, Mountain and Road Bikes


The first bike of many baby boomers, and still in demand for its simplicity and ease of care. Cruisers feature wide tires for easy balance. This is perfect for riding  around your neighborhood or on a bike path. 

The Sea Breeze Deluxe from Phat Cycles is easy to ride and is chock full of flare with: Phat Pedal Forward Technology [PFT] Cruiser Lady’s Frame & Fork KT Single Speed Coaster Brake Hub Alloy Rims w/ Stainless Steel Spokes Phat Custom Design Dual Spring Cruiser Saddle Phat Custom Design Fenders & Chainguard Phat Cruiser Handlebar w/ Alloy Stem Alloy Seatpost Clamp Comfort Cruiser Pedals

Phat Pedal Forward Technology [PFT] Cruiser Lady's Frame & Fork KT Single Speed Coaster Brake Hub Alloy Rims w/ Stainless Steel Spokes Phat Custom Design Dual Spring Cruiser Saddle Phat Custom Design Fenders & Chainguard Phat Cruiser Handlebar w/ Alloy Stem Alloy Seatpost Clamp Comfort Cruiser Pedals

2016 Sea Breeze Deluxe 1 speed step-through


The Sea Wind from Phat Cycles is a bike that will have you cruising along in style! It features the  Phat Classic Cruiser Men’s Frame & Fork KT Single Speed Coaster Brake Hub Alloy Rims w/ Black ED Spokes Phat Custom Design Elastomer Cruiser Saddle Custom Graphics & Black Components Phat Cruiser Handlebar w/ Front Load Stem Cruiser Pedals.

Sea Wind 1 speed classic

Sea Wind 1 speed classic

Comfort Bikes

Most of the following information about Comfort and Hybrid bikes came from: http://sheldonbrown.com/gloss_cn-z.html#comfort

The original runaway popularity of mountain bikes was mainly related to their greater comfort for casual cyclists, compared to the drop-handlebar, skinny-tire sport-touring bikes that had been the predominant adult style through the ’70s and early ’80s.

By the late ’90s, this trend had gone so far that many casual/beginner cyclists were finding mountain bikes uncomfortable. In response, the industry came up with what is commonly known as a “comfort bike.” Typical comfort bikes resemble mountain bikes in wheel size, brake and gear equipment, but also differ in several ways. Comfort bikes have:

  • Shorter top tubes, for a more upright riding position;
  • Taller, often adjustable, handlebar stems, also for a more upright riding position;
  • “Riser” handlebars, also for a more upright riding position;
  • Wider saddles with springs (and/or suspension seatposts.);
  • Smooth, wide tires for quiet and comfort on smooth surfaces.

KHS TC 150

Comfort and versatility define the TC 150 from KHS. The bike features suspension throughout:a suspension seat post, a plush seat with elastomer springs, and a Zoom suspension front fork. The TC 150 is available in several frame sizes as well as step over and step through models.

Comfort can also be found in Phat Cycles Del Ray 7. Lightweight and easy to ride thanks to Phat Pedal Forward Technology these 7 speed cruisers are available in men’s and women’s style frames in a variety of colors.


Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid is a cross-breed, the result of taking features from two different sources and creating something different, with aspects of both. The term has two common uses in bicycle parlance.

Hybrid bicycles, also known as “cross” or “fitness” bicycles are a cross between a mountain bike and a touring bike. The best of them have the handlebars and control levers of a mountain bike, with the frame, gears, wheels and brakes of a touring bike.

Hybrids usually come with 622 mm (700c) wheels like road/touring bikes, but with wider tires than are normally supplied for touring. The larger 700c road wheels will roll fast. The result is a bike that is great for a quick ride across town or a casual country ride. Hybrids and Comfort bikes are great choices for riding the TowPath Trail!

The Urban Xcape Disc

Is the Urban Xcape your next commutor and all around the city bike? Designed by KHS as part of their Urban series it is built for city riding with double wall rims and anti puncture tires, it also comes with a rear carrier. It features a flat handlebar with a low rise stem to put you in a power riding position. With a wide range of sizes, the Urban Xcape Disc can fit any rider, big or small. It is a 24 speed machine with Bengal Cable Disc brakes. 

KHS Urban Xcape disc

KHS Urban Xcape disc


KHS shook up their 2017 Hybrid Comfort bike line. Back is the Eastwood– with 7 speeds. This is a great entry level bike for bike paths and your neighborhood. It has easy to use Shimano Revo shifters and sturdy doublewall rims.


Fuji Crosstown 2.1

700x35c Vera wheels and tires roll smoothly over a variety of terrain. The Crosstown 2.1 is the picture of stability on pavement or gravel paths. Braze on tabs on the bikes frame allow rear racks and fenders to be easily attached. Picture yourself on this bike on rides around town, or commuting to work.



2016 Fuji Crosstown 2.1


Mountain Bikes

Mountain bike (MTB) is the currently preferred term for bicycles made for off-road use. The classic mountain bike uses 559 mm wheels, have at least 15 speeds, and can have linear pull, cantilever or disc brakes.The mountain bike is in many ways a hybrid design, a cross between a BMX bicycle and a touring bicycle. 

Mountain Bikes are intended for off-road use in rugged terrain–this is where their aggressive tread, wide tires and heavy-duty frames shine. On smooth roads or reasonably even trails they become unnecessarily fatiguing. For riding Towpath or other bike trails or moderate road rides, a Comfort or Hybrid bike is a better choice. A newer category of mountain bikes is the 29er. “The so-called “29 inch” tire size is not actually a new size, it is just a new marketing term for 622 mm (700C) wheels with fat tires. This size is probably a good option for taller riders for off-road use, compared with 559 mm (26 inch decimal) wheels. Larger-diameter wheels don’t sink as far into holes, so they give a better ride in rough conditions.” ( http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_m.html#mountainbike)


Youth Mountain Bikes

What has 7 speeds or 21, short reach brake levers for smaller hands and is perfect for a ride in the neighborhood, with the family, or on the trail? The KHS T-Rex 7 features a steel frame, 7 speeds and a dependable Shimano drive train. The Syntaur has an aluminum frame offers 21 speeds and a dependable Shimano drive train. Both models include rear derailleur guards, chain guards and have bolt on wheels.

KHS 650 200

KHS started offering the 650b,(27.5) wheel mountain bike  in 2010, promoting it as the future of mountain biking. Fast forward to 2016 and the review of the mountain page of KHS website will show 16 650b models. This wheel size offers all the agility of a 26″ wheel, with the speed of a 29″ wheel provides. The 27.5 wheel is larger than the traditional 26″ mountain wheel so you will roll over obstacles easier, however it brings easier handling especially on smaller frame sizes than the larger 29″ wheel.  The 650 200 is the starting point of this line up and can be your starting point to checking out the off road scene. It features an aluminum frame with replaceable derailleur hanger. The Zoom 565 fork has adjustable preload  and lock out. The double wall rims and 2.1″ knobbys tires will have you smiling as you check out the new mountain trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park,

KHS 650 200

KHS 650 200

KHS 4 Season 300

 A perfect bike for sun, snow,sand or beach-pick your terrain. Four Season bikes are made to be ridden anytime of the year. They feature ultra-wide 3-5″ tires and mountain bike gearing. They have become very popular not only as a mountain bike but an urban or beach cruiser

KHS 4 Season 300

Road Bikes

Fuji Sportif 2.5

Fuji’s Sportif series is designed for riders looking for a more relaxed, affordable ride. This bike is for you whether you are looking for your first road bike or if you are a seasoned rider. It is constructed of double butted aluminum that is both strong and lightweight. The bikes design puts the rider in a more upright position for enhanced comfort, easing lower back fatigue.

2016 Fuji Sportif 2.5

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