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Cycling Accessories: Why You Need Them

Cycling accessories add to your riding enjoyment and some are required by law.

Ohio law states that every bicycle must be equipped with a bell or some device other than a whistle which would be audible within at least 100 feet distance. Every bicycle when in use 1/2 hour before sunrise or before sunset must be equipped with a front lamp with a white light, and a rear red light, (in addition to the front and rear reflectors and side wheel reflectors).

For Safety


A floor pump equipped with a gauge helps you to maintain correct air pressure in your tires-pinch flats commonly happen to under inflated tires. A bicycle mounted pump will get you back on the ride if you have a flat while riding. This pump will help you to re-inflate the tube after you make the necessary repair. Buy a bike lock. Don’t get a cheap chain one, they will be cut. When you do lock your bike up, lock it to something solid and make sure your lock goes through the main frame of you bike, front wheel, and something solid that’s attached to the ground. A cycling computer can be configured with multiple or few features. The basic computers tell you: your current speed, your distance, an odometer for your total miles, and your average speed.




A Rear view mirror enables you to see what is behind you–either on the road or bicycle path. A bag on your bicycle enables you to carry a spare tube and tire changing equipment, your cell phone, and other necessaries. Summer or winter–hydration is a must. A water bottle and cage provide a convenient way to carry water on the road or trail.

Handy Items


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