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A sunny morning but is your bike ready?

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Fig tree

Fig tree

Have you ever looked out the window, got excited when you felt the warmth of the suns rays through the window, and then checked your watch deciding there was just enough time for a quick ride. So you grab your bike ,taking time only to throw on coat, helmet and gloves and run outside already thinking about how far and how fast you can go since this ride will be short.

Now you are outside and as you take a breath to recover from the shock of the cold and take a moment to look down at your bike you discover what you did not take time to check minutes before-your tires are low, your front brake drags on one side, and can you live with the squeal when ever you apply the front brakes?

Some would ride anyhow and we will probably see the riders at the shop later today or in the week. The low tires will be susceptible to pinch flats, the brake drag will slow down the rider, the squeal -well it can also be a warning device for anyone the rider is approaching

This time of year the weather is on a spring vs winter roller coaster so on the winter days look over the bike. You can possibly avoid the delay in getting to ride on the almost spring days. Below is a quick check list :

  • Check your tire pressure, pumping up your tires to the mid range of the pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire would be a good point for most terrains-the road or the bike paths;
  • Spin your tires,  apply your brakes and check to see if they engage equally 
  • Lift your rear wheel and run your pedals to make sure you are in a gear.
  • Check your handlebars and saddle for tightness by attempting to move them back and forth. Your saddle may move from side to side a bit if you have a suspension seat post but it should not move up and down. 

Stop by the shop if you should have any questions regarding what you have found or not found, and be ready to ride.

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