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A sunny afternoon with the turtles

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

We went for a ride on the TowPath Trail this afternoon, the section from the Snyder Avenue Trailhead to Manchester Road an back. It was a beautiful afternoon of a lovely day. We shared the trail with other humans also enjoying the weather: walking, cycling and fishing. Wildlife were also out on the trail, the grassy berm and in the canal.

Of special note were the turtles-on anything that floated -sunning themselves. The were all shapes and sizes laying out with their arms, legs and heads outstretched soaking up the rays. The heron looked at us, and then decided a relax in the sun was more important.

A sunny Wednesday afternoon

On the Towpath between Snyder Ave and Manchester Road

Don, on a sunny Wednesday ride

Don, out enjoying an afternoon ride.

Ruth on a sunny Wednesday afternoon

Ruth enjoying a Towpath ride

Sunning turtles along our ride route

More turtles soaking up the afternoon sun

A heron striking a pose for the camera

The heron was enjoying the day, too

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