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A new bicycle summer bicycling event

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Metro Parks, serving Summit County has a new summer bicycling event. The Summer Biking Spree will replace the one-day Summer Tour of Metro Parks (STOMP). The event will run July 1 through August 31. The trails include:

Bike & Hike SR 82 north to Alexander Road 6.2
Bike & Hike SR 82 south to Brandywine Falls 6.2
Bike & Hike Brandywine Falls south to SR 303 8.6
Bike & Hike Silver Springs Park Campground north to SR 303 10.0
Freedom Middlebury Trailhead southwest to Tallmadge Circle 8.4
Towpath Big Bend south to Beech Street 6.8
Towpath Barberton north to Summit Lake 11.4
Towpath Barberton south to Vanderhoof Road 8.2
Towpath Vanderhoof Road south to Clinton 7.4
Biker’s Choice Ride another section of the Bike & Hike or Towpath trails to earn credit!

The following link is to the Summer Biking Spree form- it is a PDF file: SummerBikingspree

SBScling2013 SBSplate2013Riders can earn a reflective sticker and bicycle license plate, or the sticker and a vehicle-window cling-pictured above. *Out-of-county residents pay $5 to receive their rewards. 

Sunday, June 30, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM SUMMER BIKING SPREE KICKOFF Get a head start on the inaugural Summer Biking Spree! Ride the Towpath Trail into Lock 3, 200 S. Main St., Akron (or park in the adjacent deck) for live music, displays and mascot appearances. The event is FREE. You can buy lunch and a spree T-shirt (while supplies last) for just $10 – CASH OR CHECK ONLY. For more information, call 330-865-8065.

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