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A crash app to help Ohio cyclists

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

From the August issue of Bike Midwest. Steve Magas, Ohio’s Bike Lawyer has announced that his “Crash App” for iPhones and Droids is available for free downloading. This App is designed to provide data specifically for Ohio cyclists.

The Bike Lawyer’s App provides the cyclist with information about Ohio’s “Bike Laws” along with a new and unique way to identify, capture, organize and update all data necessary for processing a property damage claim or injury claim in the event of a crash.

Included in the “Bike Laws-Crash Guide” section of the App is a complete listing of all Ohio’s “Bike Laws” including the actual text of the Ohio Revised Code statues along with the Bike Lawyer’s personal commentary about what the laws actually mean. This section also includes the Bike Lawyer’s essays about “What To Do If You Crash”. 

The Crash App allows the cyclist to capture and store the following:

  • The GPS data of the crash site;
  • Photos of the scene, smashed vehicles, injuries, witnesses;
  • Video of the scene, witness statements, injuries, property damage;
  • Typed summaries of the motorist’s contact information, insurer;
  • Typed witness summaries and statements
  • Sketches of the scene.

Once all the data is collected and stored in the phone there is a one button method to email all of directly to Steve for his review. 

Another section of the App allows the injured rider, with one button, to call or locate the nearest hospital, taxi service, bicycle shop, or The Bike Lawyer. 


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