128 Second St. NW, Barberton, OH 44203

RD Bike Delivers an Extraordinary
Cycling Experience for Riders of All Ages

RD Bike Shop: Full Service and Support

Located in Barberton, Ohio, we serve a satisfied clientele stretching across the state and beyond (Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia and more). People come to R-D Bike Shop because we carry types of bicycles not readily available everywhere, and because we back them up with excellent pre-sale and post-sale service.

In addition we have a full and varied line of bikes to cater to a broad range of terrains, uses and preferences. We will help fit your bike to you as well—after helping you select the optimal size and style, we adjust handlebars and seats to ensure the most comfortable ride.

For passionate enthusiasts we can go the next step and customize wheels for your bike (our wheel building page explains the benefits of custom wheel building and wheel repair).

How about your current bike? We can keep it in good running condition for you and repair any problems that come up.

R-D Bike Shop also offers accessories and biking apparel so that you can travel, commute and/or recreate efficiently and comfortably.